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Meet Our Team

Our qualified, dedicated staff will work closely with Mike to aggressively pursue your recovery.

Jillian Bolton – Legal Administrator

Jillian is from Mississippi and was hired in April 2019.  She excels in all areas of office development and management.  She offers clear, compassionate communication, understanding the stresses associated with any mission to find Justice.

Jillian highly values positivity.  She has the highest motivation, confidence, and efficiency in all areas of her job.  She is an integral part of the office’s functioning as she helps direct the pace, flow, and direction of work.  She is skilled at high-level multitasking and is committed to the office’s goal of helping all those who have suffered serious personal injuries.

Prior to working at the Michael R. Brown Law Offices, Jillian worked at some of Jackson’s most prestigeous restaurants where extremely high levels of customer service and professional interactions were expected.  She worked in a demanding business environment where she also excelled using her determination, intelligence and quick mental acuity to function efficiently.  Jillian takes part in many high level decisions of the office where her very positive approach is often crucial to finding the most efficient path in difficult situations.

Jillian is an avid nature enthusiast who enjoys hiking, frisbee golf, kayaking, and many kinds of music.

Jillian understands that there is vital role in the Justice system for Plaintiff’s attorneys to fight the powerful in order to fully recover for clients who have suffered.


Lashunda Bobbitt – Paralegal

Lashunda is a graduate of Hinds Community College.  She previously performed physically demanding line work in the poultry industry.  She is highly intelligent and is able to synthesize large volumes of information accurately and efficiently.  Lashunda is extremely skilled at analyzing medical information and legal pleadings.  She is well aware of how rules of Court and procedure are practically carried out in the law firm environment.   Mike often states she has a photographic memory because that is what she has demonstrated during her time at the office since early 2015.

As Mike’s paralegal, she is the closest consultant on many aspects of practice and law firm management. Mike and Lashunda are actively involved in strategizing, tracking litigation, and coordinating it.  Lashunda works closely with Mike during the process of settlement disbursements and many other essential facets of practice.  She is involved in inputting information into various ledgers related to accounting of client funds.   Mike is always responsible for all aspects of handling client funds, and for reviewing all inputted information such that he considers this the most important part of his law practice.  He knows Lashunda is equally committed to ethical standards and therefore trusts her own perspective on all things that need done to comply with fair standards, and with the Mississippi Rules of Professional Responsibility.

While previously serving as director of an advocacy organization, Lashunda had the opportunity to travel extensively, including trips to Washington D.C. speaking on issues that affect many workers and their families daily.  She has been very actively involved in numerous community organizing events, in an effort to bring social change and awareness to her community and to all.

Lashunda is  president of her church’s youth department, local community outreach programs, and nursing home ministries. She believes the calling on her life is to help others.

Lashunda’s spiritual approach has brought that same grace and perspective on life to this office.  She helps the office to have strength and resolve for clients, especially when the office needs to fight for them.  She both understands and practices ethics, compassion and tolerance.

Lashunda is a long time resident of Newton where she is close to her family.

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