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Meet Our Team

Our qualified, dedicated staff is here to help guide you as we all work together towards your recovery.

Amy Brunson – Legal Administrator

Amy Brunson has lived in Jackson for just over 35 years. Amy has had a variety of experiences throughout her life, that have required her to positively and effectively work with people of diverse backgrounds.  She has a strong work-ethic and takes pride in her relationships, and communication skills.  She was hired at The Michael R. Brown Law Offices, PLLC in January 2017.

Amy also has a diverse, educational background making her well suited to a firm where her numerous skills are valued. Amy graduated high school from Jackson Preparatory School and studied Journalism and Sociology at the University of Mississippi.  Currently, she is a certified dog trainer, serves as President of the Board of Directors of Bookfriends of the University Press of Mississippi, is a member of the local IATSE Union, and is very active in the community.  In the past she has been a longtime employee at Lemuria Bookstore, has owned a nightclub/live music venue, was the Arts and Food Coordinator of a local festival, and has been in the service industry for over 27 years.

All of the above experiences have contributed to her compassionate way of dealing with people from all walks of life, her ability to work well both for and with others, and her calm and sensible way of trouble-shooting and problem solving.



Lashunda Bobbitt – Paralegal

Lashunda Bobbitt is a graduate of Hinds Community College and has a wide-range of experience actively involved in Mike’s law practice.

While serving as Director of an advocacy organization, Lashunda had the opportunity to travel extensively, including trips to our nation’s capital speaking on issues that affect many workers and their families daily.

Her previous experience performing physically demanding, line work in the poultry industry is the reason she is aware of, and understands the importance of helping other injured people in similar situations.  Lashunda has excelled in life with her own intelligence, ethics and experience, aiming to benefit many like her.

She is actively involved in a variety of church and community organizations, including president of her church’s youth department, local community outreach programs, and nursing home ministries. She believes the calling on her life is to help others, and she is humble to serve.

Lashunda is highly intelligent, thorough, and has a deep appreciation for diversity in her friendships, working life, and community work.  She has high standards of integrity, honesty and attention to detail in the law firm environment.

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