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General Questions & Answers

Generally, Personal Injury claims can involve any injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence.  Car Wrecks, slip and falls, accidents involving 18 wheelers as well as many other types of injuries fall in this area of practice.  Please contact us for a free consultation to determine whether you have a Personal Injury claim.  We have successfully litigated and resolved many cases from the straightforward to the complex.

Mississippi requires that many employers cover their employees for Work-Related Injuries.  Very often, it does not matter who is at fault in order for you to be covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

You may already have a claim because injuries are required to be reported to the Workers’ Compensation Commission who sets up a claim file very often when there is an injury.  Representation in a workers’ compensation claim can help you.  We welcome your questions and concerns so we can make a difference for you.  We want to help you achieve your goals and move forward from your injury.

Employment discrimination laws prohibit many types of discrimination. Many people don’t know they may have representation during the EEOC process.  Usually a “charge” needs to be filed with EEOC before you can bring a claim in Court.  Sexual Harassment, Racial Harassment, and Age-Related Harassment are types of employment discrimination along with race discrimination, sex discrimination (including but not limited to pregnancy), age discrimination, and religious discrimination.  If you have experienced this type of conduct, we want to help you.

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We are usually able to provide you representation with no cost, fees, nor expenses owed unless there is recovery.